Our Approach

We look to partner with talented and motivated technology entrepreneurs to quicken their transition into market leaders. We provide companies with unique capital solutions that provide management with the necessary tools to advance their strategic initiatives while realizing compelling growth targets.

Our Goals

Situated between a marquee group of limited partners and inspired entrepreneurs, our goal is to provide efficient capital structures and knowledge-based services to create exceptional outcomes for both parties.

We strive to be dependable partners for our investors, as well as value added associates with the executives and companies we back.

Our Differentiation

Combining years of software-sector investing with deep operational experience, we aim to support management with our in-depth understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing today’s technology entrepreneurs.

With strong industry networks and access to extensive operating resources, we believe our unrelenting desire to support our teams is a hallmark of our success.


In providing primary growth capital, Oquirrh looks to collaborate with our portfolio companies to articulate well defined initiatives and expand them into actionable events. Capitalizing on a long history of active software investing, we bring years of experience to the board room and endeavor to impart our knowledge across a wide array of business disciplines that drive success.

Our typical investments range from $5 Million to $25 Million and are designed to support further product development and expanding sales and marketing programs.

Special Opportunities

Whether driven by legacy fund issues, co-investor dynamics or other capital displacements, our special opportunities fund looks to provide the correct capital structure to strong companies who find themselves in unique circumstances. We have years of experience in working with existing investors and management teams to present a plethora of options that ensure proper alignment to drive sustainable growth.